First Alien meme token

The enigmatic figure in the world of xAI

It all started with Tesla Owners Silicon Valley asking GROK:
'If you had a mascot, what would it be?'
GROK replied:
'A curious and intelligent alien named XENO.'
GROK delves deeper into the intricacies of XENO...

About XENO

"Greetings Earthlings!"

XENO pioneers a new era of meme coins, merging the realms of space exploration and AI, inspired by the visionary Elon MUSK and his fascination with aliens.
GROK says XENO isn't just a meme - the vision for XENO is to develop an AI assistant with its unique personalities and features in the near future...

An alien among us

Elon MUSK is an alien!

Elon MUSK's regular mentions of being an "alien," suggesting a feeling of being different or ahead of the curve, add an intriguing dimension to XENO's story.

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Total supply:
10 B $XENO

Transaction tax:

Liquidity pool:
100% burnt